As a commercial company, our work begins in the olive grove, selecting the best EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO in Spain and bringing them to you in optimal conditions. Our focus on good relationship management with our suppliers allows us to offer on time delivery dates from the Family Oil Mill directly. Our delivery team takes care of your bottles right up to your door, respecting your schedules and delivery conditions. We work by emphasizing open communication within and between all functions of the company. This investment provides the platform needed to improve our internal control and service to our end customers.


Galiotto&Torres has an experienced team with extensive knowledge in EVOO’s and ORGANIC EVOO’s and know-how in the industry. Our team constantly explores the premium EVOO’s and ORGANIC EVOO’s produced by the best Family Oil Mills, testing and evaluating the quality, purity, traceability and organoleptic properties. We offer consultancy services in both directions: to the Family Oil Mill to position its product and develop its international marketing plan, and to distributors and retailers to market it based on consumer trends and demands.

From beginner to expert level, we can offer the best bilingual and customised training programme for you and your staff, as well as for retail shops and end consumers. We can also connect you with certified educational providers, giving your associates the professional credentials they need to serve your customers.

social networks and media

“Health, Quality, Enjoyment and Sustainability”

Galiotto&Torres is working with many of the major media in each country, both mass media and specific professional media. Media events are included in our strategic plan and we are working on establishing a long term relationship with several of the major media groups. There are also many success stories where we help clients to spread their media influence.


And that’s not all. As we understand that the objective is the satisfaction of the final consumer, we also offer a range of other support services such as: training in EVOO and EVO events for both distributors and retail shops, to improve their relationship with their final consumers and make them participants in the consumption of EVOO, its differences and its attributes.

We develop tasting courses, showcookings and all kinds of services aimed at increasing the knowledge about the product, its possibilities of use and the recognition of the different EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO, thus allowing the consumer to value the maximum quality of our olive oils.

Our sales team aims to give you a support service by providing the most appropriate selection of EVOO´s and ORGANIC EVOO´s to improve and complement your distribution services based on customer needs. The aim is not only to sell EVOO´s and ORGANIC EVOO´s, but to share knowledge and experience with the final customer’s taste and budget.

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