Our mission is to inspire a healthy lifestyle and delight the consumer’s palate by offering high quality pure products produced by family farms in a sustainable manner. And we want the customer to have all the information about each EVOO or ORGANIC EVOO at their disposal and to be able to enjoy, get to know and appreciate the product with all the guarantees. Leadership, quality, integrity, traceability and interaction with the consumer.
And we want to do all this together with the family producers, who produce the highest quality of EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO.

OUR VisiOn

The company’s medium- and long-term vision is to continue introducing top-quality EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO in emerging markets, faithfully following our quality and transparency parameters and adapting to our clients’ needs, developing the internationalisation process and contributing to economic, social and sustainable growth.


“Health, Quality, Enjoyment and Sustainability”

We like to live in a healthy way. And we know you do too. Take care of your heart. Your muscles. Your skin. The brain. That’s why we offer our customers one of the healthiest foods in the world: the EVOO. It is good for the body and the senses. It tastes like tradition and wisdom. Our brands are references of quality and know-how. Our EVOO’S enhance flavours, provide pleasant sensations and create unique sensory experiences for millions of people. We nurture the joy of living.

A meal among friends, a conversation without rushing. This is the Mediterranean way of life. The culture of pleasure based on moderation and the enjoyment of healthy and simple things.
We protect everyone’s future. The land. The olive tree. The air we breathe. An inheritance that belongs to all of us and that we must take care of. And without it, the miracle of oil would be impossible. That is why we strive to guarantee the sustainability of the entire manufacturing process of our oils.

Traditional Crop


Traditional cultivation is mixed in a homogeneous way with the most innovative cultivation techniques, which allows us to respect the environment in which the activity takes place, always respecting the natural cycles of the plant and the ecosystem of which it is a part. The preservation of the soil by means of a vegetal cover, the care of the fauna and the flora that the olive groves shelter, allow a natural and necessary balance in this type of cultivation.

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