Galiotto&Torres, The Spain Olive Oil Company is an export company with the aim of offering the best EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO in the world to the consumer.

We only work with family oil mills in Spain that produce the best AOVE and AOVE ECO in the world, of the highest quality, taking care of the product, the olive tree, the land, the processes, the image, with tradition and innovation combined to put something exceptional and excellent into your life. We want to take the consumer to the origin of the product and make him/her enjoy the whole process until its consumption.

We offer full traceability. We focus on transferring all the information about the product, the oil mills, the processes and our habits when using it, showing our sun, our lifestyle, the mountains, the sea, Spain. We have a unique product and we want the consumer to know it, value it, perceive its attributes and benefits, know how to use it, and have at their disposal all the necessary information to be sure that what they buy is what they want to buy. And we want them to share all this with us.

"positioning the product in the target market"

We study how to position the product in each country so that it is perceived and valued correctly. Each country is different, the entry and positioning processes have to be adapted to each market and to the demands, needs and purchasing expectations of consumers.

We work to place the EVOO and ORGANIC EVOO where it deserves to be and we encourage the consumer to have a correct perception of the family producers and the best EVOO in the world: the EVOO of Spain.

G&T mision, vision, values...

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